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The satisfied and sunny smile of parents and every new baby we have helped into the world is the greatest reward. See what our clients say about us.



We were very satisfied with the clinic. Dr. Lachčina is a doctor in his place. Thanks to him and the whole team, our son Tobias was born on December 5, 2019. Thank you very much.

Karolinka a Valinka


We were very satisfied with the clinic and the whole Eurofertil team. Mr. Lachčina is a doctor in his place, he has always been able to encourage and the whole eurofertil team has a professional approach. And thanks to you, our prayed daughters Karolinka and Valinka were born on January 14, 2019. Thank you very much again. Staňek's parents



Thanks to the clinic and especially dr. Jaroš has a prayed baby girl Eliška on November 27, 2019. We have a lot of experiment behind us and thanks to the doctor who calmed us down and gave us hope, so we didn't seem to. We are grateful for that. We are already a complete family of Rodinka Bried



I never believed in miracles, but your center has made my life incredibly happy .... I have two children naturally and Nikolas is prayed, I still remember the handshake of Dr. Lachčina, who says that everything will turn out well ... and I still thank him and the whole center every day for giving me the good fortune to have a son



Good day, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much and especially to highlight the work of Dr. Jaroš and, of course, the entire Eurofertil team, for the fact that my partner and I can hold our son Adamek in our arms as of October 21, 2020: heart: who would be here without all of you and mainly patience, reassurance and reassurance of the doctor, was not. You are amazing and we thank you very much. Finally we are complete = We are a FAMILY

Antonie Katarina

Hello, the whole family greets you thanks to you we were born 3 weeks earlier but we are fine ... Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you with Antonia Katarína


Hello, I would like to thank you very much for your care, patience, helpfulness. Thanks to your help, our son Daniel was born 3 months ago. We are incredibly happy that we finally succeeded after such a time. Best regards, Slobodová Nikola.



We thank the Eurofertil team and especially dr. Lachcin. We had a son he was born in Bielsko Biała 18.08.2020 at 20.25. We are very happy "only thanks to you".


Thank you very much and every birthday we remember how wonderful people we met, people who believed with us and had a big heart We greet Dr. Lachčina and the whole Eurofertil team Roman Libor and Mata


Hello, we would like to thank you once again thanks to you we were able to celebrate the first year of our Melissky and only thanks to you thank you very much to the whole team.


Hello, we also join the happy couples you helped with the coveted baby. A few days ago, our ladybug celebrated its first year and we thank the whole EuroFertil team many times for their care, professional and above all human approach.


Hello, I would like to thank the entire team of the clinic for how beautifully we are, albeit briefly, they cared, and only thanks to them, and especially to Dr. Lachčin, yesterday we welcomed into our world our prayed son, Sami with a birth weight of 3950g. Thank you very much, Rezgui A + A + S


Hello, I'm sending you a photo of our miracle, which we have thanks to you and especially to Dr. Lachcin. Emička born 3.9.2019, 2610g and 45 cm. Thank you very much


With your help, we have a beautiful healthy daughter Emmy ordered on 23.7 at 23.40. It is our treasure even if it does not sleep at night and gives us a break. Thank you very much.


I am sending you a photo of our son Filipek


Greetings, I want to inform you that from 6.12 we received a gift called Nelinka. The first photo is a few seconds after the transfer at your place and thanks to your team and especially thanks to Dr. Lachčin we got it warrior and everything went smoothly. Thanks to you, we have the dream princess with us and we would really like to thank you. Nice holidays


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